Sunday, June 20, 2010

aCircuit Board

Hello, Today I'm gonna introduce our new live wallpaper named aCircuit Board v1.0. It's a great idea to show inside your phone.It makes your phone like you don't have any wallpaper and just show the mobile circuit board but something lively happens inside.
There are some touch events that make you joyful and interested. But I don't want you to come to know all of the functions right now. Because this will be more interesting for you to find out sort of events. For your interesting, I'll give just one hint. It's Double Tapping. After then keeping look into the phone how it works.
I think the most important thing for live wallpaper is a lively look & battery use. For your phone, this wallpaper spends low battery use and support some kind of settings such as broken glass screen like above image, if you turn on the GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth sensor, it's gonna show it in the top of the left side.

Please enjoy this wallpaper as much as you can.

You can search it in the android market with "circuit" or "flowerpig"

Package: com.flowerpig.lwp.circuit


  1. Nice live wallpaper, i want it badly, but in my region android market does not show the paid apps. is there a way to pay you and mail me the apk?

  2. Me tooo!!! I really want to buy this, but it's not showing up in my market :(

  3. why does it look so bad on EVO ?
    Looks like wallpaper i stretched and and blurry


    I have a zillion apks in there ;)

    including this ;)

  5. Fantastic wallpaper , thanks.
    Work well on HTC Desire but the left side
    (5 vertical green led) appear 1/4 out of screen.

    Ver 1.4 installed.

  6. Is there anyway I can get this app other than android market. I can pay you through paypal or something.

  7. Hi,

    i run a live wallpapers website and i added your wallpaper into my collection few days ago. You can check it here:

    I really like your Circuit wallpaper, so if you have any other work of this type or you plan something in the future, please fill free to alert me and i'll publish it. Thanx for this!

    Best wishes,

  8. Nicely done!! But this live wallpaper will not run on my HTC Eris. By chance do you have just a wallpaper image of the circuit board for an Eris? That would be awesome! Thanks! Eric

  9. Why doesn't this work on my HTC Eris?
    Why don't you respond to the comments here?

  10. Hi Im the dev of these live wallpapers. The Eirs doesn't support the live wallpaper. I think HTC made a plan not to put it for Eris. So I don't have any choice for that.

  11. Hi,I just bought it for my Evo but it doesnt seem to download,i really like how it looks but after purchasing the item,it didnt download,will i still get charged? i tried a few times before and now finally its puchased but still doesnt download,please help! thanks

  12. You can get this live wallpaper at

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