Sunday, July 18, 2010


aSpiritBomb Live wallpaper v1.0 is realised on android market. You can get spirits around you and make ultimate SpiritBomb!!!
Touch, Icon Drop, Touch Center, Double Tapping and Many interactions and options are available.

You can search it in the android market with "aSpiritBomb" or "flowerpig"

Package: com.flowerpig.lwp.aSpiritBomb

Video Preview:


  1. Hi, nice work!! I am in South East Asia and Google don't allow paid apps on Market for my country!

    How else can i download your aSpiritBomb?

  2. Hey there; I'm very impressed with your live wallpapers. Do you take on projects? I would like to create a live wallpaper and would like to discuss hiring you to develop it for me.

  3. No doubt why you get so many blog comments.
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